Friday, August 17, 2012

Paul Ryan on Attack

All bow and arrow, no real target.

He is just as phony when it comes to budget "cuts'. Daniel Mitchell in WSJ explains:
The most important headline about the Ryan budget is that it limits the growth rate of federal spending, with outlays increasing by an average of 3.1% annually over the next 10 years. If spending is left on autopilot, by contrast, it would grow by 4.3% (or nearly 39% faster). If President Obama is re-elected, the burden of spending presumably will climb more rapidly.
This comes as a surprise to many people since the press is filled with stories about the Ryan budget imposing trillions of dollars of "savage" and "draconian" spending cuts. All of these stories, however, are based on Washington's misleading budget process that automatically assumes an ever-expanding government. The 4.3% "base line" increase is the benchmark for measuring "cuts"—even though spending is rising rather than falling, and it's only the rate of spending growth that is being slowed.
Got that? Ryan's budget "cuts" would result in budget growth on an average of 3.1% annually over the next 10 years. And that's before such a budget would go through the "compromise" spending Congress would add to such a budget,

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  1. That ugly contraption he is holding is a good analogy for his patch-work philosophy. He needs pulleys, sights, mechanical releases, and stabilizers to make the arrow go where he wants it to go. I bet Ron Paul, were he to pick up a bow, would choose a longbow.