Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ron Paul supporters BEWARE! Paul Ryan is a wolf in sheep's clothing

By, Chris Rossini
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During a rally, Paul Ryan was asked why someone who would vote for Ron Paul should instead vote for Romney.

Yahoo reports Ryan's response:
"Do you want Barack Obama to be re-elected?" Ryan asked. "Then don't vote for Ron Paul."
Ok...typical politician (non)answer.

Ryan then paused to let his supporters clap at his brilliance. During that time, you could see him thinking. Perhaps he was digging deep into his mental notes about Ron Paul.

Ryan then let it fly:
There are many things that Ron has championed that I am a believer in. Especially liberty and sound money. Look at where we are. And this is where we all see eye to eye. We believe in limited government and economic freedom. We believe in pro-growth policies that say, You keep your money in your family's budget, in your family's business instead of sending it to Washington in the first place. That creates prosperity, freedom and jobs.

And on an issue where Ron has been particularly explicit, the Federal Reserve is yet again trying to bail out the fact that Obama, President Obama has failed on fiscal policy. All of this money printing, which is coming from the Federal Reserve, risks debasing our currency. It risks undermining the value of our dollar, it risks increasing prices on things like food and gas. And among the things that the government can do to harm its people, one of the worst things is to debase its currency. We need sound money, we need our money to have a reliable store of value, especially for people living on fixed incomes. That's an area we feel very strong about.
Yes...Paul Ryan grabbed "liberty" and "sound money" from his mental notes. He then threw in a few Kudlow-like cheerleader terms like "pro-growth policies" and keeping your money "instead of sending it to Washington".

That's basic Republican Rhetoric 101.

Ryan is just putting the bait on the hook at this point.

He then goes in for the catch by attempting to explain sound money and The Fed - the major issues that Ron Paul supporters are concerned with.

Ryan does a very sloppy job in covering the topics, but passes with honors when it comes to lying through his teeth.

Do we need sound money? Of course!

Do Romney/Ryan call to End the Fed? No way.

How about Auditing the Fed? No way again.

But didn't Ryan just state that sound money is "an area we feel very strong about"?

Surely, something that they feel very strongly about would be plastered on their campaign website right? The very strong stuff would be front and center...right?

Go to MittRomney.com and try to find it.

I'll save you time.

Back in June, Bob Wenzel shared the video shown below. In less than 4 minutes, you'll see just how "strong" Romney feels about sound money. (Yes that is Rand Paul...Sadly he's in on the racket too).

Bottom line: Ryan is trying to pick up votes, plain and simple.

Debasement and much less liberty are in store no matter if Obama or Romney are elected.

So if you're a Ron Paul supporter, don't be fooled by the wolf. Do yourself (and the rest of us) a huge good:

Don't vote.


  1. It wouldn't metter if Romeny came out and adopted 100% of Ron Paul's platform. Romney STILL cheated, lied, frauded, and rigged his way to nomination at the expense of Ron Paul and the Paulbots.

    Don't punch me in the nose and then try to sell me an icepack.

  2. Good video but the music definitely detracts from it. Absolutely no need for music in these videos. They hold up on their own.

  3. "We believe in pro-growth policies"??? This has to be the worst non-statement I've ever seen. And people buy this stuff?

  4. Ryan voted for TARP. Ryan as never indicated regretting his vote for TARP.

  5. I'm voting for Obama because of what the GOP did to the honorable Ron Paul.

  6. Ryan does a sloppy job in talking about the topics because he doesn't have a clue as to what he's talking about, and he surely does not know what freedom means. He speaks the words as though he's just learned how to pronounce them and hasn't looked them up to find the meanings. Notice too, he says printing money "risks" (it RISKS???) undermining the dollar? I guess he hasn't done any shopping for groceries or anything else either; Nor does he know how many decades it's been since the dollar was actually worth 100 cents.
    He also does a sloppy job lying/groveling for votes, the slime ball that he is. He and the all rest of the lying slime balls can go to hell. ROTTEN to the CORE, they are!
    And RAND!? He sure shows himself to be quite the liar! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW DO ANY THESE PEOPLE IN DC SLEEP AT NIGHT??

  7. Time to start posting the full content in RSS. C'mon, you know you are limiting the number of posts people read by not posting the full thing, right?