Thursday, January 24, 2013

Even The Federal Government Refuses To Use The U.S. Postal Service

By, Chris Rossini
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What would we do without the U.S. Post Office? Who would deliver our letters? We can't trust greedy and profit-seeking private corporations to handle it. Could we?

Well guess who the federal government itself uses?

Bloomberg reports:
Private-sector competitors led by FedEx Corp. (FDX) and United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) “consistently” have more than 98 percent of the $337 million annual shipping spending by federal agencies, according to the Jan. 18 report.
The U.S. Postal Service gets a measly 2%.

From the federal government!!

I can't imagine why. The Post Office is known to have superior customer service. You never have to wait. Everyone is always so nice to you, and it's as if you're the most important customer in the world.

And their financials are impeccable.

Just last year their annual loss widened to 16 Thousand Millions (or $15.9 Billion to be exact). With success like this, we should have the government running healthcare in the U.S. We've been missing out!

The Post Office also has beautiful stamps that contain propaganda (like the mug of your favorite dictator). You can proudly append these to your letters. Are those not cool anymore?

What a mystery.

I know from my own experience that the Post Office is a treasure. Just last year, I had family fly in from across the country. Prior to leaving, they sent a box of clothes in order to avoid taking them on the plane. And wouldn't you know they chose the U.S. Postal Service.

Well the box did arrive.

It was re-taped and half of their stuff was gone. But their was another person's jacket inside. Some wily postal workers had a field day.

So it's extremely strange that the U.S. federal government would use FedEx and UPS.


  1. I had to ship a $10 bottle of beer last November. I boxed it up and wrote FRAGILE on it and took it to the only post office in our town (pop 1500). Our conversation went like this: Tax Feeder: Is there anything fragile in the box? Me: Yes, it is a bottle of beer. Tax Feeder: You can't mail alcohol. Me: Really? Tax Feeder: Yeah, but UPS will take it. The hardware store will send it UPS for you. Me: Thank You. (The hardware store does EVERYTHING! I love that place.) Bottle arrives safely, BTW.

  2. I like that last graphic you have there, Chris:

    S ave
    A merica's
    P ostal
    S ervice

  3. Drive a stake through this vampire's heart before it sucks any more life out of the American economy. Privatize it. If it can't compete - GONE!

    As a 6 year old Vietnamese boy said to me nearly 50 years ago as I urged him to not squeeze a baby bird too hard: "He die? He die. No sweat...

  4. Welfare with a uniform.