Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On Rolling Back That Dreaded Year: 1913

By, Chris Rossini

In respect to liberty, 1913 was a dark year in U.S. history.

Three key pieces of legislation were passed that (now 100 years later) have individual liberty seriously on the rocks. They were:
  1. The 16th Amendment, which created the Federal Income Tax
  2. The 17th Amendment, which created the Popular Election of Senators
  3. The creation of The Federal Reserve
It took almost 100 years, but there finally came a breakthrough for the cause of liberty.

His name? Ron Paul.

We're all very fortunate that Ron Paul let The Federal Reserve & Income Tax genies out of the bottle. Wide public attention was finally achieved. Here was a man, who had the guts to call for the abolition of both on the public stage. And now, there are passionate numbers educating others to keep the ball rolling.

If these goals come to pass, and how far away we are from such accomplishments is anyone's guess, and really secondary to a very important fact. Before Ron Paul, there was no fire. Now, it exists.

All that stands in the way now is persistence and time. And fortunately, Ron Paul (the private citizen) will still be leading the charge.

Of the three aforementioned pieces of legislation which planted the seeds of our massive leviathan, one still needs more attention, the abolition of the 17th Amendment which created the Popular Election of Senators.

For those unaware of the significance and damage that the 17th Amendment has caused, I'm going to quote the great Judge Andrew Napolitano from his fantastic book Theodore & Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom:
The passing of the Seventeenth Amendment was an important aspect of the goal of concentration of power, because it destroyed the balance of powers between the states, the people, and the federal government that the Constitution had originally set out; and it prevented the states as states from blocking federal encroachments of their sovereignty...

The idea was first debated at the Constitutional Convention but voted down by a proportion of ten to one. The government that the Founding Fathers would establish was to be a constitutional federation of states. Therefore, the states needed to have a seat at the federal table. Through state legislatures selecting their U.S. senators, the states as states would be materially and consequently involved in the federal government...

[ With the 17th Amendment ] senators were directly elected by the people of their state. In doing so, states were removed from the federal table, and power was concentrated in Washington, D.C.
Slick Willy's favorite Republican President, Teddy Roosevelt stated in 1911, that the Progressives needed to "fearlessly champion a system of increased Governmental control, paying no heed to the cries of worthy people who denounce this as Socialistic."

Needless to say, 1913 was a dream come true for the Progressives. Only a few short years later, the U.S. government (now with a money printing central bank), was in a position to go in for the kill.

The U.S. entry into World War I, would be like the lifting of a giant net that contained the individual liberties of millions of Americans.

The vast growth of the U.S. state was now on its way....and would only continue to pick up steam with each passing Administration.

One hundred years later, it is now we who desire liberty who are in the position to pick up steam. The U.S. government is like a dam with a million holes that it's constantly trying to patch. It's vicious teeth are also showing more and more. Even average Americans are starting to get a little squirmish with TSA, drones, NDAA, kill lists, etc...

Ron Paul brought to the public eye both the crimes of The Federal Reserve and the idea of abolishing the Income Tax.

And now, happily, there is a bill put forth down in the Georgia Legislature. It is sponsored by 6 representatives.

The purpose of the bill? 
A RESOLUTION requesting the United States Congress to repeal the Seventeenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
May it be a first step in taking down the third pillar to The Progressive Nightmare that we all live through today.

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  1. Hear, hear! Getting the public educated about what happened in 1913, and repealing those 3 things would do a great deal to bring the government back under control, as well as restore liberty and prosperity to this country.

    Repealing any one of those should be a real target to focus on as a stepping stone. It would be a major wake-up call.

  2. Does it really make much difference how the jerks in the Senate are selected? My state's government is just as bad as the feds.

    1. Yes, it's critical to have the return of the various State Legislator's electing their senators. Remember the axiom: " All {P}olitics are local" with this mind the various states could recall and fire senators if the legislators so voted, it was not uncommon for this to occur prior to the 17th Amendment.

  3. Also in 1913, tax-exempt foundations were also created. The super-rich created these vehicles to escape taxation PRIOR to the 16th amendment. Then lowered the boom on the unwashed and taxed them unmercifully. This action created such enemies of freedom such as The Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Carnegie Endowment For War etc.

    1. Aren't all of these alleged to be CIA fronts?

  4. Good lecture:

    The Revolution of 1913 | by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

  5. Great article. I believe Ron is about to bring about the truth about public schools to the masses now that he has educated millions about the income tax, the fed, foreign wars, etc.

    There are too many brainwashed idiots on all sides of the political spectrum in this country now in large part thanks to govt schools, but in the long run this can change if enough kids opt out of the system and home school.

  6. Great post Rossini! You're right on target concerning the importance of Ron Paul and his message of free markets, constitutional government, etc. I just hope he lives a long time so that his message can get to as many people as possible.

    Lastly, I think you and Wenzel should be added to the list of important, influential, free market, limited government people. Between you, Wenzel, Lew Rockwell, the Mises Institute, Liberty Classroom, and Judge Napolitano I've got everything I need to understand true history, real economics, the constitution, and free markets.

  7. I would also personally add three additional items from my list of the "Curses of 1913"

    1. Start of ADL (To counteract the anti-Jewish banker and anti-war sentiment building and expected against the Federal Reserve by likes of Cushing Daniel, Charles Lindbergh Sr. and others; and continures today labeling anything said against Israel as anti-semintism)

    2. Damming of Hetch Hetchy by San Francisco in Yosemite N.P. (John Muir’s final defeat that broke his heart and killed him)

    3. European countries abandoning the gold standard in preparation for World War I