Monday, April 22, 2013

OMG, Rand Paul Celebrates Earth Day

Yes, the wacko, government-fest, known as "Earth Day,"  was celebrated today by Rand Paul.

 Charah, Inc and Louisville Gas and Electric Company put out this press release under the headline, LG&E, Charah and government officials celebrate Earth Day by opening one-of-a-kind beneficial use facility at Mill Creek , today:
Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Rand Paul; Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer; House Majority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins; Victor A. Staffieri, chairman, CEO and president of LG&E and KU Energy and Charles Price, president and CEO of Charah, Inc. celebrated Earth Day with the grand opening of new one-of-a-kind beneficial use facility at the Mill Creek Generating Station.
As Murray Rothbard put it:
America's permanent Jacobin Celebration Project [is where] new politically correct birthdays and anniversaries are dug up and compulsorily celebrated (Earth Day, Earth Week, "Dr." Martin Luther King Day, etc.), while others are overlooked or dumped altogether (Washington's Birthday, Columbus Day – you should forgive the expression). To paraphrase LBJ, seize control of a nation's celebrations, and their hearts and minds will follow.
And here's the difference between a real libertarian and Rand Paul, Lew Rockwell once wrote:
I hate Earth Day. 
It tells us all we need to know about the federal government that on Earth Day it sponsored a "fashion show" from clothes made of garbage. Taxpayers paid for picnics, posters, videos, press releases, speeches and coloring books, plus an enormous propaganda parade.[...]on Earth Day--celebrated not coincidentally on April 22, Lenin's birthday--- we are supposed to bow down to mother nature, while the federal government picks our pockets. 

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  1. Having attended a very liberal, state funded college institution that specialized in producing "teachers" and being tired of waves of gov't propaganda everywhere I went on campus-I had a weak moment...even at 19 years of age I knew the appropriate response to throngs of demonstrators clogging the streets around the university over 20 years ago "celebrating" earth day:

    As I made/drove my way around the crowd of the great unwashed the proper course of action became evident to me, a simple yell out of the car window of "Happy Earth Day" with my paper bag filled with finished Burger King "food" thrown in their general direction left me satisfied in emotion beyond words.

    There was no less than 500 semi-literate "educated" people witnessing my thoughts on their cherished earth day.

    While I sunk to their level, it was none the less gratifying watching them all stare stupifyingly at my trash as it dispersed across the street in front of them in concert with my exhortation.

    The only thing I remember beyond their dumbfounded faces is that none of them made any moves in regard to picking up my trash.