Monday, April 15, 2013

Propaganda: From Little League to The Big Leagues

By, Chris Rossini

The State loves when its subjects are in big crowds. That's prime time for some propagandizing. Sporting events are littered with it -- fighter jet flyovers, military personnel marching around with flags, and even supersize flags that stretch across the entire field of play.

The significance, and why such spectacles are so important, is because when they take place in large crowds, it gives the heir of legitimacy and acceptance to the whole thing. A sort of "groupthink" takes hold.

Where else can you get tens of thousands of men to uniformly stand up, take off their hats, and then place them over their chests?

Free thinking individuals would naturally think twice.

But alas, the naturally part is chipped away starting at a very young age--in government schools, which most attend.

Once you're in...the chipping away begins. Mommy & Daddy's little boy and girl will now get "the right ideas" drilled into them, for the next decade (at least).

The chipping away is not done shock treatment style, like when entering the military and you're rapidly turned into a troop who's ready to obey orders. No....there's no rush. If the government school has you for the next decade - 8 hrs. per day - it's better to chip away at that individual free thinker a little at a time.

When Mommy and Daddy had you all day, there's a chance that they taught you to say your prayers each day, and give thanks to God. Well, the schools have an antidote for that. Every day begins with everyone rising, placing their palms over their hearts, and pledging allegiance to a brand new and false god.

The ritual doesn't occur once a quarter, or once a Stately prayer is drilled in every single day.

Then it's time for Little League Baseball.

With all the practice that the child has received in "school," he's now prepared for what takes place at the start of each baseball season.

The child is not shocked at the "Opening Ceremonies," which is always attended by (and features) the town's Mayor and his crew. The child hear's about how he should be thankful for all the troops around the world who make his baseball season possible. And he's in no way shocked to he and the rest of his teammates start the season by reciting the following Little League Pledge:

I trust in God 
I love my country 
And will respect its laws 
I will play fair 
And strive to win 
But win or lose 
I will always do my best

The child doesn't say on the drive home: "Hey Mom, what does having respect for laws have to do with baseball?" and "Why do we all have to say that we love our country, every year? Why can't we just play ball?"


It all happens without a thought.

Then, on the Monday after the big game, it's back to school, where the chipping away continues and progresses on its merry way.

According to The Little League:
The text of the Little League Pledge was sent to U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower on Feb. 22, 1955. President Eisenhower (and every president since then) was a strong supporter of Little League.
Of course every President is a strong supporter!

How else are you going to get 60,000 grown men in a massive stadium all standing up together, taking off their hats --- with flags and jets and troops on the Jumbotron --- if you don't start chipping away the free thinking habits that were a part of them when they were young?

Fortunately, Ron Paul's Homeschool Curriculum is coming!

"Secede and take your children back." - Lew Rockwell

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