Sunday, June 2, 2013

Robert Wenzel Discusses Bitcoin With Trace Mayer

This Week's Guest
Trace Mayer
Mayer discusses the recent government moves against Mt. Gox and Liberty Reserve and what it means for virtual currencies. He also names his favorite virtual currency beyond Bitcoin and much more. 



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  1. Why can't I find new podcasts of the RW show on the YouTube channel anymore? Is there a new channel for economic policy journal?

  2. Is it just me, or does it seem like Ripple transactions resemble Hawala style transactions?

    I gotta say, Bitcoin scares the crap out of me right now. I would never run transactions through my business using it, simply out of fear I might have the Feds crawling up my rear at some point down the road.

    Bitcoin has the advantage of being "first", but in looking at Ripple...with Google backing, a Paypal co-founder and Mt. Gox co-founder you have to think that they are going to have market impact. Especially with the focus on mutiple currency use and ease of exchange...something even Paypal doesn't do well right now.

    I'm happy for the early adopters of Bitcoin that have made a profit and I hope they settle in to a place of usefullness on an easy basis with no Fed worries.

    That being said, if I have my understanding of Ripple correct and it is an internet version of a Hawala system- that is a proven business model.

    The "value" is the transaction fee for those serving as exchanges-in fact-it seems to me that it creates a degree of self & mutual interest and profit in the transaction itself.

  3. Thanks Paul for the video link, very interesting nectar fuel!