Saturday, December 28, 2013

EPJ Week In Review - Week Ending 12/27/13

By, Chris Rossini

Below you'll find everything that has been published on EPJ for the week ended Friday December 27th, 2013. The hottest posts for each day are highlighted in red.

Friday 12/27/13

Thursday 12/26/13
Wednesday 12/25/13
Tuesday 12/24/13
Monday 12/23/13
Sunday 12/22/13
Saturday 12/21/13

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  1. AIPAC’s Fed Candidate Stanley Fischer on a Warpath Against Iran

    Fischer may also want to launch "exercises" to prepare the U.S. financial system for the fallout of Israeli military attacks on Iran. New bills in Congress drafted by AIPAC call not only for additional sanctions aimed at thwarting a fledgling deal on Iran’s nuclear program (favored 2-to-1 by Americans). AIPAC’s bill forces the U.S. to "have Israel’s back" in the event of a unilateral Israeli strike. If Israel has already decided to attack Iran, it would benefit immensely from having Fischer inside the Fed, protecting the financial flows Israel now regards as all but a birthright from its primary global underwriter. Less well-known is the Fed’s authority to authorize foreign bank acquisitions. Any future Israeli campaign to further entwine its banks into the U.S. financial system through acquisitions would likely find a much more welcoming regulator in Fischer.