Monday, April 14, 2014

If You Buy a Scale on Amazon, Amazon will Think You're a Drug Dealer

Caroline Moss writes for Business Insider:

One Redditor who went to Amazon in search of a mini digital scale is now getting suggestions for drug-related paraphernalia.
"Oh great, now Amazon thinks I'm a drug dealer," The_Mastor wrote, submitting the following photo:

Actually what it means is that a lot of people who buy scales from Amazon are drug dealers. The email letter says the above are bought by the same people who are buying digital scales. Amazon, advancing free markets!


  1. That, or a gun nut:)

  2. Hmmm, I bought a similar scale from amazon for measuring brewing salts for home brewing beer and don't recall getting dope suggestions. Interesting.

    Also, you wouldn't use the scale for reloading, powder is measured in grains, not grams.