Thursday, May 22, 2014

Republican Foreplay

By Chris Rossini

You know, with Democrats you at least get it straight. They're going to rip your eye-teeth out and they're not afraid to tell you so. Democrats are OK with being economically ignorant. They care about controlling the state apparatus, not supply & demand. Should you point out to them that taxation is theft, they're OK with that too. The ends justify the means. Pay up.

In other words, Democrats go right for the jugular. They're not ashamed to tell their victims just how bad the mugging is going to be.

Republicans, on the other hand, will rip your eye-teeth out just as hard (oftentimes harder than the Democrats), but they'll shower their victims with lots of foreplay first.

Republicans will turn on the "limited-government" rhetoric. They'll add a splash of "we have to stop the Big Spending Democrats". They'll even throw in the words "Constitution" and "Founding Fathers" if it translates into the victims getting into bed.

Watch the following Ramesh Ponnuru foreplay video on the "Constitution". He literally says nothing coherent during the entire minute:

The whole sickening charade is done to distinguish Republican Conservatives from their thieving brothers 'across the aisle'.

It's a total shell game, which is why Ponnuru says absolutely nothing of substance.

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  1. Go read the Federalist papers if you want to uncover the founding father's wisdom. Too often the people who claim to "believe in the Constitution" talk about what the Constitution allows as if the anti-federalists won the debate. They apparently do not realize the anti-federalists were arguing against ratification, not arguing in favor of a weak federal govt. They operate under the belief the Constitution created a weak federal govt that allows unilateral secession by any state for any reason and prohibits the federal govt from spending money on just about anything other than an army in response to an invasion. The reality is that the Constitution as ratified created a strong central govt that can tax anything except property or heads (direct taxation) and can spend money on anything except a national church (1st Amendment).

  2. The Constitution is a failed scheme. What we have today is a result of the coup that happened in Philadelphia. Given the amount of people feeding at the trough, the system will not get fixed, it'll have to crap out.